• Ken Caputo

Let the kids show us the way.

I love this picture. It’s amazing how many levels of love and acceptance it conveys. It sums up what it felt like to be in Questers’ Way.

It’s beautiful, and also incomplete.

For anyone who watched these two interact in the center, they would most likely agree that the following probably happened at some point before and after this moment:

They were fighting over something.

They were competing for attention.

They were arguing about who was right.

They had competing priorities and were advocating fiercely to get the other side to see things their way.

Punches were probably thrown.

Blame was placed.

Justifications for their behavior were presented.

Most likely there were tears and the dreaded “You’re not my friend anymore!” statement was made.

And then they remembered...

They remembered all of the moments and memories they shared.

They remembered all of the reasons they love and respect each other.

They considered all of the future moments and memories yet to come.

They remembered themselves.

They remembered who they are to each other, and that brought them together.

The arguments and insults were forgotten in this moment. The disagreements took a back seat to the simple act of sharing space with another human being who, in the end, is more like us than different.

They remembered that we are all human, and flawed, and in the end, we are all doing the best we can. That connects us. All of us.

For just a moment, one human reached out to another human, and remembered to just be human together.

Kids can be such wonderful teachers :)

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