• Ken Caputo

Slumbering in the Mud

We need you. Right now.

There never has been, and never will be, another human quite like you walking this planet. Within you, there is something incredibly valuable and unique. Within you is something we would all love to celebrate.

Are you are willing to share it with us? It’s stirring right now, deep down in your gut like a beautiful sea creature awakening from the mud and swimming towards the light of the surface.

Do you feel it?

Do you feel it as it swims past your heart and awakens feelings of gratitude, and purpose, and hope?

Do you feel it as it swims up through your head and unleashes ideas, and insights, and plans?

Do you feel it as it breaks the surface, right out of the top of your head, and rips back the curtains on your awareness, flooding you with the light of the whole universe?

Sure you do. This isn’t even new. At some point, maybe years ago, maybe yesterday, you’ve felt this part of you rise up. You’ve witnessed the magic that it manifests. Even if you are in the dark right now, there is some memory buried somewhere of a time of miracles. A time when being who you are made a difference in the world around you.

Maybe it was as simple as helping a friend find a smile during a difficult time. Maybe it was something big and world changing. Maybe it was something in between, or all of the above.

Somewhere, at some time, you have performed miracles.

That’s the part of you that we’re talking to right now. Really it’s not a part of you. It’s all of you. It’s all of you converging and agreeing and unifying behind one central purpose. It’s you when you’ve accepted the fears and doubts, embraced who you are with all of your flaws and talents and experiences, and just...unleashed yourself.

We see you. We’re asking you to consider what would happen if you chose to move towards being that miracle of a person more and more. We’re asking you to light up the dark corners, to blow the dust off your dreams, and crank up the machine to full power. We’re asking you to be you. We’re asking you to share.

We’re asking you to give it to us.

Stop hiding and shine.


Add your voice to the choir. Together let’s sing a song that gets stuck in the world’s head in the most glorious way.

Sing with us :)

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