• Ken Caputo

When You Spill Over

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Ever hear something so ridiculously funny that you can’t contain it and keep it to yourself? You almost feel compelled to share it. The unsuspecting victim of your sharing may not even get it, but you are so filled up with laughter that they get caught up in it anyway. They end up laughing right along with you, even if they have no idea why.

We’ve all experienced this. Whatever it is, we got so much of it that it ends up spilling out all over the place.

Sometimes it feels like this is a good thing, other times, not so much.

Ever get so filled with frustration and anger that you just blow up? You yell, or throw something, or lash out at someone you care about. You can’t help it. You are so full of the feelings that they just come spilling out of you. It’s too much to contain.

My thought is that we can use this. It’s a tool.

What if we become more intentional about what spills out? What if we intentionally choose what we fill ourselves up with?

If we fill ourselves with joy, won’t that be what spills out into those around us? If we fill ourselves with abundance, won’t we will feel compelled to share that abundance with those around us?

If we fill ourselves with enthusiasm, won’t others get caught in the currents and flow with us?

If we fill ourselves with wisdom, won’t it seep into our relationships and our network of connections?

We should be vigilant and knowing that the reverse is also true.

Fill yourself with anger, or resentment, or bitterness, and should you be surprised by what spills out?

We are a vessel. A conduit. We hold whatever we choose to fill ourselves with. If we take in enough of it, whatever it is, eventually it will spill over.

What do you think would be best for us?

When you spill over, what are we going to get? What do you want to give us?

You get to choose. What do you choose?

My dream for you is that you fill yourself with the very best of who you are. That you are brave enough to empty yourself first if you need to. May you fill yourself intentionally with nutrients for your soul, until the wonderful uniqueness that is you spills out all over us.

Here’s one more thought to consider:

You don’t have to exhaust yourself trying to make a difference. You don’t need to deplete yourself on our behalf. In fact, you can choose to do the exact opposite: You can energize yourself.

You can focus your attention on filling yourself up with the things you want to share until you overflow. Now you can give it to us without us feeling like we’re taking it from you.

When you have more than you know what to do with, we feel good about drinking it in.

You become like the sun. You just shine.

All we need to do is lift up our faces and feel your warmth :)

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