• Ken Caputo

You are not a drop in the ocean

You are the entire ocean...in a drop.

You matter. Who you are and what you do matters. We need you. We need your human-ness, with all of your flaws and hopes and dreams and chaotic aspirations. We need your voice, speaking your truth clearly, passionately and respectfully so that we can be brave enough to unlock our own truth in turn.

We need your actions to inspire us to be better today than we were yesterday, and to remind us that our actions have consequences. We need your unique contributions to remind us that we have something worth contributing too, and we have a responsibility to each other to do something with that contribution.

We need you to remind us when we forget to pay attention. It’s so easy to be distracted. There is so much noise, and so many seductive illusions ready to lull us to sleep. Show us what it means to be be awake and aware.

You don’t need to say a thing to us. Honestly, the last thing we need is another person shouting their opinion at us. We need living art that we can can look upon with appreciation. We need lives that inspire us through their actions and intentions. We need less talk and more listening. We need you being you.

Just be present, and be real. We’ll notice, and remember.

This is not a waste of your time. Have faith. We are all connected, and as lonely as you may feel at times, you are not alone. We are out there. You know those little moments that you think go unnoticed? They don’t. That casual smile, or kind word in passing, can change a life without you ever knowing.

The little moments you gift to us accumulate daily. They are foundational to building the house that is you, and at some point we may stop by for a visit. We may need shelter. We may need a safe, solid place for respite and recovery. When you welcome us into your home, we’ll feel it. We’ll feel all the little daily miracles and moments you’ve woven throughout.

We will feel safe. We will be grateful. As we relax, and breathe, we’ll begin thinking about our own home, and how we can tend it, and we will look forward to opening our doors to you when you are the one in need of shelter.

You are so much more than a tiny drop in the ocean. You are vast beyond your imagining.

You are the entire universe, focused through a single point of consciousness and uniquely expressed through the human we see before us.

You are a miracle :)

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